Ukrainian fertilizers market analysis as of 20.08.2016

Ukrainian fertilizers market analysis as of 19.08

Ukrainian fertilizers market analysis as of 19.08


Prices in the domestic market of Ukraine, UAH./t. (VAT), EXW / FCA the supplier warehouse displayed on the diagram to this news

Ammonium nitrate

Further depreciation of ammonium nitrate isn’t planned. Currently prices have stabilized and been preserved the second week in a row. Ammonium nitrate can be purchased at trading companies 5300-5450 USD/t. (CPT station of the customer). After harvesting grain and bean farmers begin preparations for the fall season. Right now begin increasing purchases of ammonium nitrate. Last week, the quotations of ammonium nitrate in the Black Sea region increased, which also support the prices in Ukraine. In addition, when operating one plant in the country, no imports of ammonium nitrate from Central Asia and Russian Federation the available volumes will be small. That volume which imported into the country is unable to fully meet demand. The imported ammonium nitrate is more expensive than Ukrainian – 5400-6000 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer).

Calcium ammonium nitrate 

Prices of calcium ammonium nitrate not changed – 5200-5300 UAH /t. (CPT station of the customer). Producers reduced the cost in Ukraine after a decline in export prices during July. Following them traders also reduced prices. Trading companies offer goods at 6600-7100 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer).

UAN -32

Interest to the solution of urea and ammonium nitrate is low. In trading companies UAN-32 can be purchased at a price of 5070-5400 UAH/t. (FCA).

Ammonium sulphate

Ammonium sulphate supplies are being increased by importers due to an increase in interest in products from farmers.

The import is carried out as a crystalline (4000-4500 UAH/t., CPT station of the customer) and granular (5780-5900 UAH/t., CPT station of the customer) ammonium sulphate.

Complex fertilizers

On the eve of the autumn season, imports of complex fertilizers are on the rise. If in past years the undisputed leader was NPK fertilizer (16:16:16), then in this extremely popular goods with a high content of phosphorus and potassium. It should be noted that the fate of Belarusian goods in imports is increasing. Also the range of goods from Belarus is quite wide. The nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer of the brands is 9:25:25 (10900-11000 UAH/t.), 7:20:30 (9800-9850 UAH/t.), 8:19:29 (9600-9850 UAH/t.) and 5:17:36 (9700-9800 UAH/t.), terms of delivery of the CPT station of the customer.

The import of complex fertilizers from Russia is also increasing. However, the growth rate is less than from Belarus. The cost of diammofos brand 10:26:26 is 10880-10980 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer). Price for NPK fertilizer(16:16:16) for the month didn’t change. On the last week of July the product were offered for 8550-8600 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer). The cost of the brand 8:20:30 is 9800 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer).

Phosphate fertilizers

Significant changes in the phosphate fertilizer market have not been noticed. The demand is quite good.

Ammophos (12:52) from the Russian Federation is offered at 11 900-12 000 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer).

Ammophos (10:46) from Kazakhstan is offered at 10100-10400 UAH/t. (CPT/FCA).

Sulfoammophos is sold for 9200 UAH/t. (CPT station of the customer) and 10050 UAH/t. (EXW).

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