Ammonium nitrate (N-34,4%)


Ammonium nitrate – is one of the most effective fertilizers, which contains about 35% of nitrogen. Nitrate is used for almost all types of soil and for fertilizing of all plants, which makes it a versatile tool for harvest increase.



A very popular fertilizer among gardeners is ammonium nitrate, or better known as saltpeter. The substance contains one of the most important elements for effective crops – nitrogen (about 35%). At first glance it looks like white salt, sometimes with a gray or pink tint. Nitrate crystals strongly absorb the surrounding moisture thus causing it to quickly change the status of relatively hard lumps of soil. Therefore, when choosing storage of ammonium nitrate, it is necessary to take into account these factors. The room should be dry and the fertilizer has to be packed in a waterproof package.

Before adding the saltpeter to the soil, it is recommended to grind it carefully.

It should be noted that ammonium nitrate is a relatively inexpensive fertilizer that can be used in agriculture all the year round.

Many gardeners use this fertilizer even in late winter when the garden is in snow, because nitrate can do its job even in cold soil. It saturates the soil with nitrogen. It results in a perennial plant that begins to grow rapidly with the onset of favorable warm weather and it should also be noted that the use of nitrate has to be careful. If you use this substance, it will increase the level of acidity, which will lead to negative consequences in the development of crops.

The use of ammonium nitrate in alkaline or neutral soils only is limited to specific types of crops.

Ammonium nitrate has a lot of positive characteristics witch have a good influence on the growth of plants by stimulating and accelerating it. Therefore, this fertilizer is so popular.

Chemical properties

Ammonium nitrate is a strong oxidizer and in dry kind it explodes from the detonator. To mechanical actions (friction) saltpeter is not sensitive. The sparks don’t occur when fire and sparks influence on ammonium nitrate. In case of fire, it decomposes providing oxygen to enhance combustion of hard to flammable objects.

The industrial production of ammonium nitrate entails the acid-base reaction of ammonia with nitric acid.

Ammonium nitrate is very popular fertilizer which commonly used in agriculture for all plants and in all types of soil.

Fertilizer for strawberries

In order to obtain a good annual harvest of strawberries the soil has to be fertilized. In this case, the soil has to be prepared before planting seedlings of strawberry bushes. Fertilizers of humus or compost have to be added into the soil. Ammonium nitrate is not recommended for use in the first year, because the excess nitrogen can lead to rotting of the berries. It is recommended to nourish the strawberries with ammonium nitrate only starting from the second year.

Even on a quite small segment of land the saltpeter gives the opportunity to collect a large number of berries in season. In addition, strawberries will look good, will have a sweet taste and will be fleshy.

Fertilizer for rose bushes

If rose bushes are taken into consideration, with the onset of sustained warmth (end of April) you need to nourish the land with different mineral fertilizers. To prepare a complex fertilizer it is necessary to dissolve one tablespoon of ammonia nitrate, superphosphate and potassium in 10 liters of water. If the root absorbs 10 liters of this fertilizer shrubs grow up to 1 meter in average.

Penetrating deep into the soil the fertilizer stimulates the root system of roses after severe winter frosts. After 2-3 weeks, when the shoots appear it is necessary to repeat this procedure. When the rose bushes are covered in shoots it is recommended to fertilize the root system with potassium oxide, chicken manure or manure in to increase their flowering period. Introduction of nutrients is inexpedient during flowering.

Of course, saltpeter is used for many other plants. Moreover, their number is really very significant. So ammonium nitrate can be rightly called a universal fertilizer. The saltpeter can always become a reliable assistant in growing berries, fruits and vegetables.


Variants of packaging: bag of 50 kg., Big-Bag 1000 kg.

Country of origin: Ukraine, Russia 


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