Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) (27:20+6)


Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) includes magnesium 2%, calcium 4% and nitrogen 27%. Owing to this combination the substance has a complex effect on plants, helping them to grow more quickly and it add to efficient growth. Therefore, experts frequently turn to this assistant.



Calcium ammonium nitrate is a highly detailed nitrogen fertilizer for crops, forages, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables and sugar beets. It is suitable for all types of soil and it positively affects their fertility.

It regulates the vegetative mass growth and increases the agricultural crops yields. The substance is a mixture of ammonium nitrate and lime flour; it does not cake during storage. It has good productive properties for mixing fertilizers due to the high strength of pellets.

In comparison with ammonium nitrate it has better physical and chemical properties; it is less hygroscopic, less compressed and well-kept in stacks.

Calcium ammonium nitrate can be used on all types of soils and for all plants, for both primary and secondary feeding. This fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium carbonates is especially effective in acidic and alkaline soils.

Calcium ammonium nitrate or CAN is an effective fertilizer with improved physical properties in comparison with ammonium nitrate because it does not absorb moisture, it is fireproof etc. It can be put in stacks.

Chemical properties

Calcium ammonium nitrate (CaCO3 MgCO3) is a long-term nitrogen fertilizer, physiologically neutral. It contains 27% nitrogen, 4% calcium and 2% magnesium. Depending on the composition of fertilizer, it is suitable for mixing with the phosphorus-potassium and other fertilizers. It is obvious owing to this, the effectiveness of using the fertilizer increases significantly.

Indeed, nitrogen is an essential component of amino acids, protein, chlorophyll, hormones and many other active biological compounds. Magnesium is also a part of chlorophyll and it participates in photosynthesis. In addition, it activates the enzymes that are responsible for the absorption and assimilation of nutrients by plants. Insufficient quantity of magnesium slows down and stops the growth of plants.

Calcium is responsible for the movement of carbohydrates and for the solubility increased of many elements in the soil, contributing to their better absorption by plants. Cell walls power and their clutch depend on calcium and magnesium, ensuring the growth and development of root habit. The symptoms of calcium deficiency are the appearance of bleached surface of the leaves and a complete loss of leaves.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is used as compound fertilizers.

This fertilizer, like other nitrogen impurities, has a universal application, without losing its properties on all types of soils and in all climatic zones. However, its use in alkaline and acidic soils gives best results thanks to calcium carbonate and magnesium as well as on light soils low in magnesium.

This type of saltpeter is used for nutrition of fodders, grains, oil seeds, vegetables and sugar beets. It provides green mass increase and improves performance when you use a calcium ammonium nitrate, scattering it on the surface and then burrowing it into the soil. However, sometimes closing is impossible. Fertilizers for vegetables are added into the soil differently. When planting, CAN is inserted into a hole, the amount of the fertilizer varies from 7 to 15 kg/ha.

During spring it is used again. Besides, the terms of feeding are depend on the phase of plant growth.

According to IFRS the rate of fertilizer ranges from 40 to 50 kg/ha. In this case, the nutrients come with organic fertilizer; therefore the norm depends on their amount.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is used for increasing the protein content in sunflowers. The rate is 30 kg/ha. But according to the research the use of fertilizer on average gives a higher yield for winter wheat 3.3 t/ha, barley 2.5-3.7 t/ha and corn 28-63 t/ha.

Calcium ammonium nitrate is quite a popular fertilizer; despite being versatile it is quite inexpensive. It has a very intense and positive influence on plants and increases the size of harvests greatly. So, most farmers use this product to support their farmstead.


Variants of packaging: bag of 50 kg., Big-Beg 1000 kg.

Country of origin: Ukraine


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